Zhu Group

Optoelectronic Laboratory 

Our lab focuses on the physics and device technologies of semiconductor nanostructures for photonics, energy efficiency, and renewable energy applications. Multidisciplinary computational/theoretical and experimental research works are strongly encouraged and pursued in our group. We welcome students/postdocs who came from various disciplines including Physics/Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, Material Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering to join our group. Our group focuses on Applied Science and Engineering, where we employ fundamental knowledge derived from physics, chemistry, and material science in solving problems in engineering with technological impact. Several of the key applications pursued in our research group include solid-state lighting, solar cells, solar hydrogen, thermoelectricity, photocatalytic reduction of CO2, perovskites, quantum wells/dots, metal-organic frameworks (MOF), and rare-earth-doped functional materials.

ACS Applied Electronic Materials | Vol 5, No 10